PIC for Beginners

We know that PIC can be a big and confusing space to navigate, so we write this to help you settle in, get orientated, and get involved.


On our website you will find listings for all upcoming PIC events and meetings. It will be the first place you turn to learn about planned school closings.


PIC Early Learning and After School programs are housed in 4 buildings.

  • Spruce Building: center of campus
    EL classrooms and admin offices
  • Sweet Building: Locust St. side
    EL classrooms and admin offices
  • Stucco Building: Spruce St. side
    ASC kindergarten classroom
  • Aviary Building: 43rd & Spruce
  • ASC first - fifth graders


PIC administrators are here to help. You will find individual email addresses on our staff pages or you can call our main number 215-222-5480. Here's where we are located:





PIC's teachers are our greatest asset. Every day they bring education and experience into the classroom where they guide and nurture the growth and development of young children. Meet them all on our staff pages.


Classroom Email Lists (all ages)
Used by Teachers, Room Parents, and all families. Get in touch for parties, play dates, happy hours, etc. Teachers manage these lists, so ask a teacher if you aren't receiving classroom emails.

Daily for Infant / Young Toddlers
Emails sent via the tadpoles  app about meals, diapers, naps, and photos.

Weekly for Toddlers & Preschoolers
A weekly digest of activities with lots of photos of the kids in action.

Monthly After School Director's e-newsletter

Regular emails from After School Lead Teachers


Monday Mail
Delivered to your inbox at the beginning of each week.

PIC News Monthly
A monthly digest of what to expect during the month ahead.

PIC Website - parentinfantcenter.org
A robust “PIC Families” section makes PIC’s website an invaluable resource. 

School Closing
We send texts and/or emails about weather-related closings and other important information.

PIC on Facebook - facebook.com/parentinfantcenter
Keep up and share all the news from PIC!


Each classroom has family volunteers who are here to support the classroom community. They are a great resource for new families when various questions pop up. Ask a teacher who your RP(s) is/are.


PIC’s PPP program is one way we stand out from other programs 

PPP program tracker online! You will soon be able to self-manage your PPP hours. Each family will be assigned one user login and password. Look for it this month!


WHY: to offer tuition assistance, offset program costs, and fund major initiatives. You will hear about our fundraising events and campaigns throughout the year.

WHAT'S COMING:  ArtStart fall fundraiser

IT TAKES A COMMUNITY: We are always building relationships with area businesses that believe in the importance of high quality early learning and after school programming.

Please contact Development Manager Karen Stachelek at kstachelek@parentinfantcenter.org to support these efforts.