The Deb Green Fund for Teachers

Deb Green

This is transformative!

Long-time PIC donors have donated $50,000 to create a professional development fund for PIC teachers in honor of Executive Director Deb Green's tenure at PIC.

The donors wish for this gift to serve as a challenge grant, and have asked us to raise another $50,000 to match their gift.  

Your gift will have 2x the impact for teachers and children. 

As Deb said, "During my entire career in the early childhood field, professional development has been at the core of my beliefs about quality improvement. Professional development is defined as “advancing skills, traits and competencies that contribute to employee’s success in the workplace.” I believe it is so much more than that." 

The Deb Green Fund for Teachers will sustain PIC's strong culture of continued learning and growth for our teachers. With your gift, we will expand opportunities for the 72 teachers in our classrooms every day, and support their educational and professional goals in the years ahead. 

Central to PIC's mission is to "provide and increase access to high-quality early childhood education and school-age programs that are led by valued, professional educators".

The early childhood field has seen so many changes in the last few decades. We continue to see new research on the importance of play and connecting children with nature. We understand the impact of starting early with diversity education, and the need for all teachers to have a solid awareness of the impact of trauma. Keeping abreast of this information through professional development makes teachers better at their craft, and makes for a far richer experience for the children in their care.

When added to this generous donation, your gift will translate into a total of $100,000 for PIC teachers and secure essential professional development opportunities for many years.

You can honor Deb Green's career at PIC and honor our amazing teachers with a gift today!


Interested in making a pledge or starting a recurring online donation to help achieve this exciting $50K challenge goal? Email Development Manager Karen Stachelek to discuss how you can maximize your impact.