Center Closings & Delays

Playing in the snow

PIC works hard to stay open in inclement weather, but we must balance the needs of both families and staff.

COVID-19 update:

COVID-19 makes the decision-making process significantly more complicated. The greatest pandemic consideration is around the ability to safely staff all of our classrooms. We work hard to cover teachers who, due to commuting or child care difficulties, are not able to make it in, or who need to leave early.  

  • We will rely (and always have) on SEPTA’s operation because many PIC staff rely on public transportation.
  • We look at the snow closing decisions of the School District of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania for reference, however we do not necessarily follow them.
  • When significant snowfall or ice is predicted, we will watch the weather and look at our staffing plan carefully.
  • We will notify families via text and email, as soon as a decision is made. We try our best to make closure decisions by 6:30 am.
  • A message will also be on our voice mail and on our website.  
  • If we need to close PIC during the day, we will contact you via text and email. Please be sure that we have updated contact information
  • See below for more information on our automated email and texting system.

Making the decision (pre-COVID)

  • PIC follows the decision of the University of Pennsylvania.
    UPenn is our landlord and responsible for our snow and ice removal. If they close, we will also close.
  • If the Mayor closes city buildings due to snow/ice, we will consider following that lead.
    Often that decision is made because Septa routes are out of service, which has a huge impact upon PIC staffing.
  • We do NOT follow the School District of Philadelphia in deciding to close as their benchmarks for closing are different than ours.
  • When the School District closes for a full day and PIC does not, our After School Center will be open.
  • If the School District closes early, our ASC will be open IF the district gives us ample notice to bring in staff.
    We then pick up the children at early dismissal. If enough notice is NOT given, we communicate with families that we cannot open before our regular afternoon start time.
  • If we call for an early closing, we will send a text and email through our automated messenger system and do our best to contact families via phone.
    If snow is expected, it is imperative that we have a phone number where one parent can be reached.
  • If we call for a 2-hour delayed opening, we will open at 10:00 am and there will be no early care.

Letting you know

PIC uses an automated communication system (Tadpoles) for snow closings and delays. This system will send a text and e-mail messages to all PIC families for whom we have updated contact information.

  • In addition, we post information about closings or delays on the homepage of our website, PIC's Facebook page, and leave a message on the Center's voicemail.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Communications Manager Rachel Isaacson at