Applications and Enrollment

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Enrollment Process

PIC enrolls children in our Early Learning and School Age programs all year round.  

To enroll in any PIC program, please read about our different programs and tuition payment options first and complete the appropriate online application form below.




    Children currently enrolled in our After School Center are re-enrolled automatically for the following year. Rising kindergarten families must complete an application. Rising kindergarten enrollment is first come, first serve and current PIC families are given preference through March 8, 2024. After March 8, 2024 After School enrollment is open to external families. 
    Summer Camp applications are available online or in paper form. Preference is given to current PIC families, as well as previously enrolled Camp families through March 8, 2024. After March 8, 2024 Camp enrollment is open to external families.

If you need a printed application form, please send an e-mail to Enrollment Coordinator Jerri Torrence at Paper applications may be dropped in our Enrollment Mail Box located outside the Sweet Building on PIC's campus, e-mailed to Jerri at the address above, or mailed to PIC at:

4205 Spruce Street 
Philadelphia, PA  19104

Pay Application Fee

All applications, aside from families applying for the PreK Counts program, include a one-time, non-refundable fee of $35 for Early Learning and After School, and $50 for Summer Camp.  

EARLY LEARNING: The application fee is billed to you after ProCare online application is submitted. Please DO NOT make an online payment at time of application.

ONLINE PAYMENT: Online payment for the After School and Summer Camp programs can be made by the button below.



If paying by check, you can drop off a $35 check addressed to the Parent Infant Center in our Enrollment Mail Box located outside the Sweet Building on PIC's campus with the memo Application Fee. You can also mail your check to:

4205 Spruce Street 
Philadelphia, PA  19104

If paying by cash, email Enrollment Coordinator Jerri Torrence at

After Submitting an Application

Confirmation email 
Applications are reviewed every Monday. You will be sent an email within a week of our receiving and processing your application. The email will list the steps needed to pay your application fee through MyProcare Portal. If you do not receive an email please get in touch with the Enrollment Office by phone at 215-222-5480 or send an email to

--At this time tours have been temporarily suspended and will re-commence in February.--

Schedule a Tour

The Enrollment Office gives in-person weekly tours on Mondays and Tuesdays. Tours will be scheduled based on the age group families are interested in.

Monday tours are for Infant/Young toddler and toddler classrooms. Tuesday tours are for preschool classrooms.


Waiting list 
A family's wait for enrollment may vary, though it is typically 12 to 18 months. Enrollment decisions are primarily driven by the growth and development of currently enrolled children who become ready to move to new classrooms.

Our waitlist is based on a variety of factors.

In addition to your registration date, we take into account:

  • Siblings: Whether your child currently has or has had a sibling who attends PIC (Siblings get priority.)
  • Desired schedule: 5-day-a-week schedules are given priority. Then, families who are flexible about scheduling needs, such as 3 days a week – any days, will likely get a space sooner than families who request a specific schedule.
  • Child’s age: We balance our multi-age classrooms by age. For example, in an infant/ young toddler classroom, we may accept 3 infants and 6 toddlers.
  • Child’s gender, race, ethnicity, first language, etc.: We are intentional about having a mix of genders in each classroom. We are also intentional about having at least two children of similar racial, ethnic background, and/or shared first language in the classroom with one another when possible.
  • The move up cycle of current children: Children move up on average once a year to another classroom, which opens up space in their current classroom for new children. We are mindful not to have too many new children start at the same time, so that they can get acclimated to the classroom more easily.

After submitting your application for enrollment:

  • Check in with us every two months to express your continued interest in enrollment and to remain active on our waiting list. You may call 215-222-5480 and ask to be added to the Enrollment check-in list.
  • Please let us know if you make other child care arrangements so we have an accurate number of families who are waiting for enrollment.

Any additional questions may be answered on our Enrollment FAQ page.

Enrollment Contacts

Call our main number 215-222-5480, and ask to speak with:

Anjerrica "Jerri" Torrence 
Enrollment Coordinator

Chandara Devo
Assistant Enrollment Coordinator