Mission and Values

Children observe bug on nature playground


PIC works to provide and increase access to high-quality early childhood education and school-age programs that:

  • give children opportunities to learn through play.
  • are led by valued, professional educators.
  • and actively engage and support parents and families.


PIC's commitment to high quality early education and child care is best expressed in the values that we embrace. These values inform all aspects of the work we do with young children and their families. 

COMMUNITY as the basis for child, family, and educator growth, development, and learning

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY as our foundational approach

NATURE as a home for children’s play and learning

BEST PRACTICE APPROACHES based on solid research in the fields of education and child development

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION in classrooms and on educator and leadership teams

EQUITY through practice and advocacy, in education access and educator compensation

PROFESSIONALISM of our educators