On a Bear Hunt at PIC

Going on a Bear Hunt at PIC
At PIC, we know that a story book can come to life, especially when a little magic (or Magic Circle more accurately) is added.
During the Peanuts recent study of sound, the teachers and children dove into some great books to enrich their learning.
Early on a clear classroom favorite became, We’re going on a bear hunt, which they read aloud on PIC’s Magic Circle Nature Playground.
According to Peanut Lead Teacher Jacob Kerner, “Reading this book with the freedom of volume and sensory experiences the Nature Playground afforded us was fantastic.”
On the playground, the Peanuts immersed themselves in the action of the story by freely telling it physically.
James grabbed a branch full of fall leaves to make the “swishy swashy” noise of tromping through tall grass.
Zora and Alexis took off running and spinning through the “whirling, twirling” sounds of a snowstorm.
Eli headed to the playground’s mud kitchen (he had his rain boots on!) where he could be heard “squilching and squelching” through mud.
That is what we call the power of play at PIC
For Jacob, who has a passion for reading, writing, and literacy, “this creative outdoor space gave the teachers and children the chance to tell a great story in a truly great way.” It was interactive, expressive, and will be played out again and again on the playground.
Since the Magic Circle nature playground opened in 2014, teachers like Jacob have experienced the power of play on the playground where young learners are given the freedom to enrich their own learning in truly imaginative ways.
PIC’s Magic Circle Nature Playground is a nationally certified outdoor classroom made possible by the generosity of PIC families, alumni, and friends who believe in the power of play. Each year, thanks to continued support from the PIC Community, we ensure that this play space is sustainable and remains an inspiring place for many children and teachers to come.