For over three decades, the Parent-Infant Center has provided high quality child care to the families who live and work in the diverse neighborhoods of West Philadelphia.

Nature Playground

Working together in the Dirt Digging Area
Main ingredient in PIC Mud Pie...imagination!
We can build anything together
Stepping and negotiating in the Climbing Area
The Magic Circle Nature Playground is a nationally certified outdoor classroom. It is a transformation in outdoor learning at the Parent-Infant Center and serves as a model for other educators of young children.

PIC's Magic Circle Nature Playground has earned national certification as a Nature Explore Classroom from the Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and the Arbor Day Foundation.

It has been designed to support and encourage free and joyful outdoor play that is child-directed and connected to nature in a meaningful way.

Leading the way in nature-based outdoor learning.

When PIC, set out to revitalize its main playground, we chose to make more than mere improvements. Our vision was to connect children living in the urban neighborhood of West Philadelphia with the natural world by providing unstructured, nature play with endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. 

In 2010, we devised a conceptual plan with the help of a grant and technical assistance from the Nature Explore program.
In the summer of 2012, we began to transform our play space, which had been suffering from soil compaction, drainage issues, inhibited grass growth, and areas of severe overuse, into a nature playground, which we officially named Acadia Woods Magic Circle
A beautiful wooden arbor with vines growing up the sides serves as the entrance to the playground. This entry arbor invites children and their families to connect with nature through free and joyful play in a special, peaceful space.
Offering a circle of inspiration.
The Magic Circle features a variety of outdoor learning centers where children and their teachers can make meaningful connections with nature daily.
Inspired by nature, children express themselves on an outdoor stage and through drawing and painting with natural materials. Children jump along tree stumps and climb on a wall of big boulders to enhance gross motor skills. A children's garden provides a hands-on opportunity to learn about growing healthy foods.
Our messy materials area offers branches and sticks of varied sizes to spark imaginations. The space also features a "log of interest," which is specially designed for children to observe water as it flows through a channel carved into the log. 
Children dig deep holes and rivers in the dirt digging area and gear up in rain boots to jump in puddles, squish dirt through their fingers, and cook in the mud kitchen. There are also open areas for running and playing games. 
Reaching beyond the children enrolled in our early learning classrooms, the playground is also shared with families in our community.
We took measures to help sustain this beautiful natural space. With a history of poor drainage after heavy rains, we re-graded areas of the playground to direct stormwater runoff and prevent erosion. We also included a rain garden with carefully selected plants and special soil to help with water absorption.
Grateful to our friends and supporters

PIC is grateful to its families, alumni and friends whose gifts and countless volunteer hours allowed us to begin work on our learning areas. 

We thank the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a valued community partner and fellow advocate for child health and wellness, for its grant in support of our outdoor classroom initiative.

This grant has recently been matched by Rebecca and Arthur Samberg, dear friends of former PIC Executive Director, Marni Sweet and wonderful supporters of PIC through the years.

We are also deeply grateful to the Germeshausen Foundation, which also significantly supported this ambitious project. 
We received substantial in-kind support from The Woodlands, ThinkGreen, LRSLAstudio, and Pennoni Associates.
PIC would especially like to thank PIC Board members Julie Bush, Larry Leso, and Robert Chaney for lending their expertise to this project.
"I am amazed by the imaginative play I witness every time I enter the playground. With incredible generosity from all of our supporters, we created something very "magical.""
Debbie Green, PIC Executive Director
"I love that PIC's outdoor classroom, the Magic Circle playground, will be used by PIC children and families, but will also be open to the general public evenings and weekends. It will be unlike any other playground in the City!"
Julie Bush, Board Member