We value affordable, high quality child care for all, learning through play, strong partnerships between parents and teachers, and building a diverse community that nurtures the families, staff, and friends of PIC.

Growing Up Green

We want to be good stewards of the Earth and want to teach our children to do the same.

Children learn to love and care for the Earth through sustainable and green practices center-wide at PIC. We are located on a beautiful green campus with the opportunity to grow a variety of trees, plants, flowers, and vegetables.

Read about our Growing Up Green latest initiatives on our blog.

Our Great Outdoors

Along with our children’s garden in the Magic Circle playground, PIC also has garden beds tucked away for the After School Center, a butterfly garden facing our neighbor, the Penn Alexander School, and numerous small garden beds for planting flowers or herbs. On the infant playground a “grow” box with see-through sides enables young children to watch roots form and push down into the soil.

Reuse. Recycle.

Every classroom and common area has a recycling bin. Children gather leftover vegetable scraps from lunches for our worm bins, which produce castings to enrich soil in the gardens. When we collect too much for our worm bins, we bring it to our friends at the Dirt Factory, a project of the University City District.

Our Pre-K Roadrunners are known for their commitment to recycling and “zero trash” lunches. Working with TerraCycle, a company dedicated to the collection and reuse of non-recyclable, post-consumer waste, our Roadrunners have formed a TerraCycle Recycling Brigade to collect waste that usually goes to landfills. By collecting cheese wrappers, toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, the Roadrunners are helping to turn trash into useful objects! We encourage all our families to bring these recyclables to their children's classroom.

Through partnerships with our property management company JonesLangLasalle and a PIC vendor W.B. Mason, we have held shredding and electronic recyling events at PIC and maintain a printer cartridge recycling program. Families and staff contribute items from home, while PIC works to responsibly handle materials used for business.

Read about our Growing Up Green latest initiatives on our blog.