Food and Nutrition

At PIC, we believe that good nutrition is imperative for development of the body and the brain. Research shows that a child's early experiences with food impact both future eating habits and overall health.

As of July 2019, PIC's Food Program, which is included in the cost of tuition, will provide lunch. Please refer to the FAQs for more of the details on our center-wide lunch program.

  • Morning snack
    Morning snack is a hearty, breakfast-type snack that will provide necessary nutrition and energy for the busy morning hours. Morning snack often features yogurt, fruit, waffles, cereal, among other things.
  • Lunch
    Nutritious, warm lunches are delivered to PIC each day. Monthly menus feature a variety of kid favorites and are provided to families. Fridays feature the always popular Pizza  Day!
  • Afternoon snack
    Served after rest time, afternoon snack often features hummus, pita, crackers, fruit, raw veggies, cheese, among other items.

It's family-style

We serve snacks and lunch "family-style," which encourages independence and nurtures social development.

Food is placed in small bowls from which children can help themselves (with help as needed). Milk and water are offered with snack and lunch. When age-appropriate, children are able to pour water from a small pitcher into cups .

Children are introduced to basic table manners and personal responsibility in preparing for and cleaning up after meals. These are important opportunities for learning as children and teachers sit together eating and conversing.

Standards of nutrition

All of our food served (snacks and lunches) meet the strict criteria established by the federal Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). CACFP establishes nutrition requirements for meals served to children in early childhood programs and schools. We are regularly audited by CACFP to assure that all lunches have the required nutritional components, that lunch is offered to all children of all ages, and that food is served in clean, healthy and age-appropriate ways.

Food allergies and special diets

PIC offers a monthly restricted diet menu accommodates most food allergies or special diets. Specific food items may always be substituted by families.

If you have additional questions, here are our FAQs for the lunch program.

For more information or to discuss your child's dietary needs, please contact our Assistant Enrollment Coordinator Shanaya Shoats by calling our main number 215-222-5480, or via email at