New Tree welcomed to PIC

Tree planting on the Playground

PIC parent (and Tree Philly Program Manager) Erica Smith Fichman spearheaded an exciting tree replacement project that culminated with a tree planting circle this morning on PIC's Magic Circle Nature Playground.

Erica and PIC Facility Assistant Josh Harmony both have children in PIC's Butterflies classroom and worked on this project together. Once the tree was removed and a new tree ordered, they selected the date for the planting.

This morning, the Butterflies met Josh and Erica on the playground, where they helped shovel dirt to bury the roots. They talked about how trees need to eat and drink to live. Everyone took a turn stamping down the root ball and watering. They spread a donut of mulch around the tree and then held hands in a circle to welcome the new tree to PIC.

According to PIC Executive Director Deb Green, "The tree that needed to be replaced had been planted in memory of former PIC Executive Director Cindy Roberts and we have been sad that it did not make it. Having PIC preschoolers at the center of the replacement process would have made Cindy so very happy!"