In the Classroom: The Dragontails & Starlights

PIC Afterschoolers at Bartram's Garden

Camouflage and Cider

On a September rainy day, the Starlights and Dragontails took a trolley to Bartram’s Garden.
The Starlights learned about camouflage by using Model Magic to sculpt and color an animal to hide in an environmental drawing of its habitat. Then the group was challenged to find the birds, insects, and snakes that were well hidden in the pictures due to their colorful camouflage. 
Once the rain stopped, we took a tour inside John Bartram’s house to look at a few of his very detailed nature drawings. As we left the house the Starlights had a chance to see two wild turkeys that were walking close by.
Meanwhile, the Dragontails learned about Colonial cooking and experienced first-hand how apple cider was made. After a tour of John Bartram’s kitchen and a flurry of questions and answers about how kitchens have changed over three hundred years, we went outside and, one-by-one turned the crank on an old cider press. 
Once we had ground up and pressed the apples, we tasted the cider, and were surprised to find that the amazing taste came only from apples – no spices or sugar needed!
After our lessons, we ate our lunch and played in the gardens. We held short races, took our own walking tour, and looked at the animals, plants, and bugs that lived in the area.
After a complete day of exploration and discovery, we took the trolleys back to PIC, ending our adventure.