In the Classroom: Dragontails and Starlights

Afterschoolers create a volcano at PIC

Surprising Young Teachers

Every Friday is surprise Friday for the Dragontails and Starlights. The activities can be anything from an adventure to the laundromat, to group games, to a new glitter craft.  
On a recent Surprise Friday, the Starlights planned a special activity for the Dragontails. The students wanted to teach their younger peers something they were excited about. After great deliberation, we decided on paper airplanes and volcanoes.
The Thursday before, we chose roles, gathered supplies and practiced our lessons to get out any wrinkles. As Friday unfolded the Starlights shone as leaders and teachers. 
At the volcano making class, Maddie, Paul, Ella, and Sarah guided the Dragontails from start to explosion! They tackled the task of keeping everyone focused and even joined in the messy lava play at the end.
Now that was a welcome surprise!