PAPAL VISIT UPDATE: PIC Will Close Friday 9/25

After much consideration and discussion, the decision has been made that PIC will be closed on Friday, September 25. 
The following key considerations went into this decision:
  • We asked Early Learning families if they planned to bring their children on the 25th if PIC were open. 82 families (representing about 100 children) responded that they would NOT be bringing their children. 41 families (representing about 50 children) responded that they would.  
  • Many PIC teachers have requested the day off, either because they live a distance from PIC and are unsure of their commute on that day or they have their own children in schools that will be closed. 
  • While Penn initially announced that they would be open, they reversed their decision and are now closed that day. As Penn is PIC's landlord, we usually follow their closure decisions.
  • All of our child care center colleagues whom we have contacted are also closed on the 25th.  
Decisions such as this one are never easy, but we feel that we have gathered as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision under uncertain circumstances.