Papal Visit and PIC

By now you have heard that Pope Francis will be in Philadelphia on September 26 and September 27, following a week-long gathering for the World Meeting of Families.
The City of Philadelphia expects that as many as 1.5 million visitors may attend the event, which could strain the city's infrastructure. Disruptions to traffic and public transit are expected.
We want to let families and staff know that PIC is gathering information as we consider whether we need to close or close early on Friday, September 25. Both Drexel and Penn have annouced closures, as have other University City child care centers.
As we balance the needs of our families for child care and the ability of our staff to travel to work, we will be asking families to sign up for care on Friday, September25.
Please look for a sign-up sheet to be placed in classrooms soon. This will help us make the most informed decision and plan for coverage.
We thank you in advance for being flexible in your work, school and travel plans.
Visit to stay abreast of the ways the Pope's visit will affect our neighborhood. For even more details, please go to