Introducing PIC's Recycleteria!

Looking for loose parts in the Recyleteria at PIC

We are excited to introduce PIC's newly established Recyleteria, which is housed on the first floor in the Spruce Building in the former copy room.

This space has been transformed with the addition of metal shelves and containers and is designed to as a place to collect ordinary items that can be recycled and re-purposed creatively in the classroom.

PIC Recyleteria Items

Classrooms are encouraged to “go shopping” for materials when working on a project, seeking inspiration, or looking for a fun activity on a rainy day.
We invite families to contibute to the Recyleteria by bringing in items from home. Stop by and take a look at what type of things are already in the room. Then start saving items from home and the office.
Some ideas for materials are:
cardboard tubes from wrapping paper, toilet paper rolls, or paper towels.
bubble wrap
scraps of cloth
cardboard egg cartons
cereal boxes
things found in nature
baby food jars
water bottles
brown paper bags
glass mosaic tiles
paint chip samples
small pieces of wood for collage
The Recycleteria will become a wonderful collection of loose parts. With the addition of a recyleteria, PIC joins the growing Maker Movement, a community of inventors, designers, engineers, artists, and tinkerers who support DIY approaches to education. This creative approach encourages imaginative thinking, continued curiosity, and meaningful learning experiences.
Here are some great links to information on loose parts and maker spaces.