In the Classroom: The Starfish

Starfish study space

written by Fatimah Mitchell

Study of Space

The Starfish are interested in space! After talking together about being able to speed off in a rocket ship, our minds have gone a mile a minute in anticipation to learn even more. 

Many of our young friends are familiar with Earth. We discussed the special things Earth has on it. During our initial discussion, we received great answers like people, sand and water. After reading library books shared by our parents, we found the answer. Earth has WATER and AIR!

Our classroom has been transformed as we continue to investigate. We have glow-in-the-dark stars, moons, and meteors on the walls, and planets hanging over our reading corner. We especially love to turn on star wars music throughout the day.

After watching exciting footage of real astronauts in space, we made our very own spaceship. We wrapped a box with aluminum foil and the children glued down different loose parts from our Recycleteria to make buttons and knobs.

Our dramatic play area has also been transformed into a spaceship. Old blankets draped from shelves conceal most of the light. Some Starfish put on their astronaut suits. Many friends get off the ship to walk on the different planets. Others use headphones to speak with other astronauts.

We love to hear the countdowns, which usually start with the children screaming “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...BLAST OFF!” and Musa adding, “No let’s say lift off!” They all join in, “LIFT OFF!”

This theme has brought much excitement to our classroom.  Not only are the children intrigued, but the teachers have become very creative as we transform our classroom to foster their imagination.  Many of our parents have mentioned how much their children know about space. 

Just for fun, here is a link to one of our favorite songs on YouTube. It has been a big hit at home and school!


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