Encouraging Future Educators

Mastery Charter Interns help PIC
Pictured with PIC's Amanda Schroeder (third from left) are Mastery Charter's internship coordinator Kerry Sorenson and students Tanesha Johnson and Amy Parker.
We believe that all children deserve the same high quality learning experiences PIC teachers provide in their classrooms. One way we believe we can have an impact on that is by supporting the education of the next generation of teachers.
Each year, we provide future educators with on-site learning experiences in our classrooms. In addition to offering practicum and observation experiences to help college students fulfill degree requirements, we give high school students a chance to see the workings of a child care center through internship experiences in the classroom. 
Recently, an 18-week internship cycle was completed by students from Mastery Charter's Shoemaker campus. The goal of Mastery's internship is to prepare students for the professional world and to develop skills needed for college and workplace achievement.
This spring, PIC teachers welcomed 5 interns into their classrooms and mentored them as they interacted with the children by reading books, assisting with art activities and joining in play in our learning centers. 
At the end of the internship experience Mastery Charter hosted a Mentor Appreciation Reception and invited PIC's Administrative Assistant Amanda Schroeder, who supervised the interns while at the center.
While at the reception, Amanda was excited to see that Amy Parker who helped our Bumblebee teachers  (pictured below with certificate) was one of twelve students nominated for Intern of the Year. The Bumblebees gave Amy rave reviews and said that she was the most reliable intern that they have ever had!
As the summer gets started, we are looking forward to welcoming another group of high school interns through the Urban Nutrition Initiative.