In the Classroom: The Starlights

ASC Best in Show

Upcoming in the Starlights

As the days start to warm up and spring break is in the offing, the Starlights are on the move. We will soon take a trip to Awbury Arboretum to learn about the Native Americans that lived in this area long ago. What did they eat? What were their homes like? What type of clothes did they wear? These will be among the questions we wil try to answer.
We also will take the trolley to nearby Bartram’s Garden to spend the day exploring the science of pollination. While there we will design flowers for a specific pollinator and play a honeybee hive simulation game. We will take a sight, touch and smell tour of the botanic garden.
To prepare for this exploration, we will spend time learning new vocabulary words and studying the anatomy of a flower. To do our part in helping pollinators find nectar, we plan to work on some raised-bed gardens outside of the Stucco building this spring.,
The Starlights are once again participating in the Junior Flower show sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. The theme this year is Double Dutch. The Junior Flower show fosters an awareness of horticulture and the natural environment among youth and encourages active participation in growing, gardening, and sustainable practices.
We can participate in one of three options, artistic class, horticultural class, or classroom projects. For the horticultural class all plants must be grown or cared for by the Starlights for a minimum of one month prior to the show.
The judges will visit PIC on Friday, May 26 to judge the students’ entries and award ribbons. The “Best of Show” winners receive two Philadelphia Flower Show tickets and the chance to be exhibited at a future PHS Philadelphia Flower Show. Please stop by our classroom in late May or early June to view our entries.