In the Classroom: The Rainbows

Wednesday mean picnic lunch for the Rainbows

We Are Out

When you think of the word ‘out’ it can have both great and not so great connotations. “You’re out!” shouts the umpire at a baseball game, or “It was out of this world!” as you describe an amazing dessert. “I’m out,” as you end a work day, or “get out of here,” as you land tickets to your see your favorite artist. 
The Rainbows have been ‘out and about’ this summer and experiencing great things along the way.  
Wednesday is picnic-lunch day. We lunch at the favorite spots that we walk to in the neighborhood, including Clark Park, Penn’s campus, and the Biopond. 
We love the preparation as all our Rainbows put on their backpacks and get into our walking groups. (Ok, sometimes that gets a little challenging when someone does not get the hand of the teacher or friend that they would like.) 
But, once we are moving Rainbows have so many questions about the things we see along the way. They ask about animals, the types and colors of vehicles, flowers, and people at work. 
Once we get to our destination they let go of our hands and run with the freedom of childhood. Rainbows hide in the cave-like shrubs and pick apart all the natural materials nature offers. 
We cheer the Rainbows on as they climb in the park. We observe the pride they display as they build confidence in themselves by climbing to heights that they once could not reach.

Who's 'out' today?

We've begun to see some Rainbows leave our classroom for preschool. The children have noticed and miss their buddies. 
Many Rainbows asked their parents where their friends were and began planning where they would go next. “I’m a Peanut!” and “I’m a Firefly!” were popular phrases we heard.
When questions about friends transitions come up, we confirm that “yes, your friend is a Firefly,” or offer comfort by saying “You miss building with your friend in the classroom.”  This is a a great time to start planning play dates so that the bonds of friendship continue. 
One of our favorite lines when talking to the Rainbows about their friends’ transitions is we will “see them out on the playground.”
So until next time you see us on the playground, in the sand box area, or around the neighborhood, we are  'over and out.'

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