In the Classroom: The Rainbows

Rainbows reading

Reading Rainbows 

Books, books, books! While many of us don’t often have time to read for our own enjoyment, as teachers it is something we do everyday.
As a toddler teacher, you frequently read the same book for what seems like a thousand times! While it may begin to feel tiresome, you know that it is constant repetition that helps the children make connections with the real world, as well as develop a much broader vocabulary. 
“Look, he has a red shirt like mommy!” is something a child will say out loud upon noticing a picture while reading a story. When children don’t recognize an object pictured, they ask “What is that?” After talking about what is in the picture, they often point out the object in another area of the room. “I see a crocodile over there!”
It is remarkable and incredibly rewarding as a teacher to watch children learn and grow. The whole world is completely new, vast and a fascinating place to these young ones.
Reading books is one of the best things you can do for a child.  Those books that are read over and over again are not forgotten over time. I still remember my personal favorites from that period in my life and they hold very fond memories. 

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