In the Classroom: The Dragontails

Dragontails go on an archeological dig

Discovery on the Nature Playground

Breaking news! A group of Dragontails made an amazing scientific discovery in the mud kitchen this week.
Amongst the amateur archeologists, two members of the PIC newspaper club combined their writing talents to record their findings. Read all about it in the following excerpt from the upcoming PIC newspaper. (original spelling has been left intact)
The Crystal Cave
I found a spear and limestone the limestone was smooth and the spear had blood on it. I think that the spear and limestone where from the ice age? We found a cave paiting and some pait washed away in a storm. The red turned into pink and the black turned into green. The cave paiting had two colors.
What we saw was amazing!!! The spear was sharp!!! And the crystal it was shinny and had three faces. We think that it was a cave because we found a spear and spears are normally found in caves. We found a saber-tooth cat claw it was sharp and smooth and pointy. I found a foot print from the cave we found. Do you think you saw this before in your life?
The two writers worked alongside several other Dragontails to dig out their findings, and talked long into the day, theorizing about what they had found and what it meant. The current scientific theory circulating the Dragontail classroom is that the PIC mud kitchen is a the site of an ice age cavern system, full of crystals, early humans, and ice age creatures. They continue to dig, looking for more proof to solidify their hypothesis.