In The Classroom: The Dragontails

Hula Hooping at the Gala

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Now that the summer is upon us,  the Dragontails are looking back on what we have done and learned in this highly formative year. As the excitement of the long-awaited vacation and anticipation for the new experience of becoming first graders sets in for the children in our classroom,  the teachers look back at the tremendous changes we have seen in our children  this past year. Their growth and development was so clear in last week’s Gala Performance, where our Dragontails came forward to boldly show their stripes. From dancing to puppets to hula hooping to fashion shows, the Dragontails showed a breadth and depth of talents, as well as courage and fervor that set the pace for the whole performance. Dragontails who came to us shy and curious at the beginning of the school year are now bounding forward towards first grade, full of assertion, knowledge, experience, and a bright-eyed yearning for more. What the Dragontails showed us in the Gala is that they are ready for the next step – artistically, academically, and socially, and that they are ready to move forward and to continue to grow. In only a few days, they will be Starlights, and as their teachers, we could not possibly be more proud of them!