In the Classroom: The Caterpillars

Creative expression in the Caterpillar classroom

Caterpillar Expression

The Caterpillars have had a busy summer as they continue to grow and change from infants to young toddlers. 
The children are challenging themselves with new language, movement, and creative expression. We have seen a new awakening with art. 
We once had friends that would not even touch certain activities if it dealt with water, paint, and play dough as younger infants. Our once reluctant friends now dive right into activities, which shows maturity with their cognitive skills to pick up the art utensil and place the paint where they feel it should go. 
During a recent morning invitation we placed a large piece of white paper onto the floor. We then placed sponges, rolling paintbrushes, and different colored paint onto the paper. We took off the Caterpillar's shoes and socks, and clothes, too. The Caterpillar teachers asked them what they would like to do. 
Some Caterpillars painted from the sidelines, while others grabbed paint brushes and moved the paint all around. Then realization set in they could place their feet, hands, or bodies into the paint. The Caterpillars faces lit up as they could become one with process rather than the end product of the art activity.
We encourage parents to take out those paint sets, play dough, water tables, crayons, and markers, and let them express themselves through art expression.