In the Classroom: The Caterpillars

CPs painting

Talking with the Caterpillars

Baba, dada, Bye Bye, Sing please? 
The Caterpillars just finished exploring sound, but our exploration continues with the chatter of the Caterpillars. From the youngest to the oldest, the Caterpillars are developing language.
Our youngest Caterpillar gets the concept of waving “hi” and “bye” as he imitates the gesture of waving to his parents and teachers at arrival or departure. Another Caterpillar has noticed the different inflections in his coos and babbles as he walks around the room. Then we have older Caterpillars that are beginning to say two word sentences and even more complex complete sentences. These are excellent examples of the stages of language development. 
In the beginning with no verbal language, an infant begins to comprehend and begin imitating adults when they say "hi" and "bye". Soon infants realize that there is power in the sound of their own voice, beginning with simple inflection and continuing to actual language with two word to complex sentences.
The Caterpillars love to sing and read books, which are both great ways to encourage language. Children love to hear songs that have great rhyming and their participation. Language is often learned from repetition.
As the Caterpillar teachers, we are there to assist and guide them through the day and offer many opportunities for language development.  But most importantly it is the communication between parents, caregivers, and teachers that is the best model.

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