Virtual ArtStart 2020

ArtStart 2020 splash screen

PIC's first ever virtual event, ArtStart 2020, received rave reviews, and exceeded all fundraising goals.

In case you missed the program, you can still watch it here!


All told, over $55,000 was raised for the teachers’ fund and for our Tuition Assistance Program. This year, has beaten all ArtStart revenue records. We thank you all! 

We Met Our Matching Gift Challenge!

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who continued making donations through our virtual event and afterwards to bring us over our goal. Over $15,000 in donations were made to the Teachers are Superheroes Fund, and our generous donors’ pledge of $10,000 will be added to the fund.

Families, friends, alumni and community organizations all came together to contribute to these crucial aids for our community.
Thank you to everyone who appeared in the video and helped with its production. It was truly a community effort.