September's New Beginnings

Deb Green

September Message from Deb Green

September marks a new beginning each year, even for a year-round program like PIC.

As educators, we need to take a moment to stop, re-charge, and prepare for new students and their families before we embark on the first days of school.

Last week, our teachers had enriching professional development days where we were trained in understanding bias, both in ourselves and in others. We also explored how that plays out when working with young children and their families.  

We spent time in the classrooms, decluttering and rearranging. Our teaching teams bounced around new ideas and continued planning for the year ahead. We took time to meet new colleagues and reconnect with old ones.

The After School Center has made exciting changes for the coming school year. The Stucco Building is now home to the expanded Dragontails classroom (PIC's kindergartners). The first-grade Falcons (formerly known as Starlights) have joined the older Hawks and Eagles in the Aviary Building. PIC’s After School teachers have taken time for thoughtful planning of new programming and new spaces.

What I am looking forward to now are our September classroom meetings and potluck dinners. During these evening events, classroom communities come together. It’s an opportunity for teachers and families to get to know one another. For me, it is a chance to meet new families and welcome back those that are returning for another year at PIC. 

I feel a sense of September excitement among children, families, and teachers, alike. After nearly 40 years in the field of early childhood education, this time of year is still filled with anticipation. I look forward to getting to know all of you as we embark on the new year together. 

Thank you for entrusting you child to our care.