Race to the finish 2020

Fireflies race down the slide

a message from Deb Green, Executive Director

I doubt any of us have experienced a year like 2020 and it is one that we cannot wait to bid farewell!
There are many opinions about child care centers remaining open during this pandemic and I don’t believe there is a right answer.  We do know that being open allows our families and staff to work and the economy to function. 
And, we know that the social and emotional development of children is dependent upon being around other children and following the routines of classroom life. It would be unfortunate for young children to be yet another victim of this pandemic! 
There have been so many challenges and we are still racing to the finish line. As I write this message, we have been so fortunate to see that our vigilance and caution (and a bit of luck) have kept us open. Admittedly, I am quite nervous about making it through the holidays, but that nervousness and stress have become such a common part of our lives. I appreciate all that families and staff have been doing to keep each other safe. 
2020 also brought with it an unprecedented level of support for PIC. We felt the love from so many friends, alumni, staff and families near and far who stepped up to provide much needed COVID Relief in this time of need.
Financial support through local, state and federal funding, as well as through grant support continues to be critical. 
We are grateful to The University of Pennsylvania for rent abatement and lower rent that totaled near $185,000 from April through December. What a gift!
And most recently, our annual fundraiser ArtStart was an amazing virtual celebration of our teachers and the creativity of young children. We raised over $55,000 for our Tuition Assistance Fund and for our Teacher Support Fund. If you didn’t “attend,” you can watch it here.
In the midst of this very challenging pandemic, I am grateful for the PIC community that has pulled together to allow 250 children the chance to be with friends and experience joy in a way that keeps everyone as safe as possible.
This year has been a true testament to the strength of the PIC community. In a time when we are being asked to stay apart, it feels like we are “all in this together.”