Mud Day Hooray!

Mud pool

International Mud Day was a blast, filled with activities to get messy in the mud. Today, we connected with the rich earth in this most squishy, tactile way. We embraced the joy of getting messy and explored the wonders of mud together. 

PIC children and teachers spilled out onto the Magic Circle Nature Playground, the blacktop, and the TotLot for a whole lot of fun. These spaces were transformed into muddy, messy spaces for children to explore and play in.

They stomped, jumped, squished, rolled, painted, and played in the mud! For those that were less inclined to get dirty, there were sprinklers and pools set up for water play.

It was a day filled with laughter, creativity, and unforgettable memories.

Standing in Mud


Mud paint


Teacher face paint


Mud Paint 3


Mud stomp


Table paint


Muddy hands


Pouring mud


Mud face paint


Mud cake