Inside School Day Support

Inside School Day Support

In August, full virtual learning became a very real possibility in Philadelphia. We immediately knew families would need our help.

How would parents work full time and help their kindergartner on a computer? How would young children manage when they couldn’t read yet? 

We knew we had to do something. After a close look at safety, staffing, and finances, we quickly transformed our After School Center into a new School Day Support Program. We went from providing three hours of after school care to a full day program for children in kindergarten, first and second grades.

In September, we opened our doors to 45 children. The challenges were felt almost immediately.

Each child responded differently to learning online. For some, it was difficult to sit for longer periods of time, or simply adjust to wearing headphones. For others, it was learning how and when to speak on a group Zoom call. Some children can independently complete assignments, and others need one-on-one support to do so.

PIC teachers support each child’s individual experience each day. They help children navigate technology and their lessons, and encourage them to get outside during breaks.

It is clear that they are driven by their love of the children and their desire for each child to succeed. School Day Support at PIC is more than just a place to log on, it is a safe space where children build and continue connections with one another.

We now await the transition of the public and parochial schools to a hybrid-model of learning later this fall and remain as committed as ever to our children and their families. 

We all know that children would be much better served in their classrooms engaged in face-to-face learning. And, we look forward to that day.