December Message from Deb

Birthday celebration from across the globe

Sharing Traditions

Growing up in Bethlehem, PA, I assumed that everyone celebrated Christmas, simply because I didn’t know anyone who didn’t. It was not until I went to high school that my world suddenly widened.

I learned that one of my new friends celebrated Hanukkah in December. I still remember the patience of my friend (and her parents) as I so asked questions about this holiday that was then so new to me.

While seemingly a small moment in my overall life, I still consider it a moment where I learned about differences.

Our curriculum at PIC does not center around holidays, but we do feel that holidays present a wonderful opportunity for families to share their cultural traditions with children. And while we invite families to come into our classrooms at any time during the year, December happens to be a month that so many families have specific holiday traditions.  

Parent participation is an important element of our philosophy at PIC. We believe that the world of all children is widened when they learn about others, and that this has even more meaning when they are learning about the lives of the friends and classmates.  

I invite and encourage you to contact to your child’s teacher to find a time to share a tradition in your own family. This might be reading a special book, sharing music or a special snack, or leading a project. The tradition doesn't even have to be around a holiday. The teachers are happy to help in thinking about what might be developmentally appropriate for a specific age group.

We could not be more fortunate at PIC that we have such diversity among our families. We love that we can have our own families join our classrooms to share pieces of their lives. We love that our children are growing up in a place where the similarities AND the differences among all people are celebrated on a daily basis. Surely we are all richer for the experience. 

Wishing all of our families, alumni, friends, and staff a of season of gratitude, peace and caring for one another. And from all of us at PIC, best wishes for a happy and healthy new year ahead!