In the Classroom: The Wild Things

Wild Things discover butterflies

New Discoveries

Young infants and toddlers are brand new to the world! Everything the children are exposed to for the first time is very special.

Recently the Wild Things were introduced to new friends who have colorful wings and big eyes! A Wild Thing teacher raised caterpillars who transformed into butterflies at home and brought them in for all the children to see.

Of course, all of the Wild Thing children were naturally curious about what they were seeing. The teachers explained to the children that the insects were indeed butterflies. We also read the Very Hungry Caterpillar together to further their experience of discovering butterflies.

Many of the young toddlers in the Wild Things classroom, pointed to the insects and said, “Buterfries”! They were very excited when they saw the insects fly in their cage and for the rest of the day would point to the cage that sat on a high shelf. 

The children may not remember the exact moment of when they discovered butterflies. However, the children will always remember the special feelings of discovering something new!


Meet the Wild Things teaching team