In the Classroom: The Wild Things

Peanut preschoolers bring music to the infant classrooms

This sounds good!

This month the Wild Things began learning about music and sound. We have been having fun listening to different genres of music, and having dance parties.
The Wildthings enjoy dancing and moving, and they really have some great moves! Our toddlers enjoy singing, and they often do the sign for "more" to request more songs.
Some of their favorite songs are “On Top of Spaghetti,” “Five Little Monkeys,” and “Wheels on the Bus.” They will sometimes request “Five Little Monkeys” by hitting their heads and saying, “Ow,” or request “On Top of Spaghetti” by bringing the play Spaghetti over to a teacher.
The younger infants have been exploring different sounds by playing with rattles and musical instruments. Some Wild Things have been experimenting with banging metal pans on the floor and laughing at the sound they make.
They have also discovered that they can make raspberries with their mouths. Something the toddlers also enjoy is playing with the paper towel rolls and talking loudly through one end.
A big hit this week was a concert given by the Peanuts. We are not sure who enjoyed it more, the children or the teachers! The Peanuts performed an original song by Peanut Teacher Kia called “We are a family, here at PIC, one community.”  Some of the verses included the classrooms here at PIC. They also got us all moving with “The Hokey Pokey.” 
We look forward to exploring the theme of music and sound with the Wild Things some more.