In the Classroom: The Wild Things

Wild Things in the Wild

Sounds of the Season

In recent days, the Wild Things have been enjoying the much cooler, beautiful weather that fall is bringing us. After the renovation of our Tot Lot and the lovely weather we have had, our class has been spending much more time outside exploring, observing, and playing in the great outdoors. 
For the month of October, the infant and toddler classrooms are investigating sound. There are so many sounds that occur in nature that we as adults don’t pay much attention to, whether it be acorns falling from a tree and hitting the ground, or simply leaves and twigs crunching and snapping under our feet.
Leaves, acorns, and branches everywhere!
On our walks around the neighborhood, to Locust Walk, or occasional trips to Clark Park, the children enjoy manipulating these interesting objects. They love to pick up and squish the leaves with their hands, as well as step and jump on them with their feet. Everyone is able to hear the “crunch” sound they make. 
Acorns are also a class favorite. The children love to stomp on the acorns to hear the “pop” noise they make when nuts break under their little feet. 
The Wild Things also love to use sticks and twigs to dig in the soil. The teachers have shown the children that sticks can make sounds, too. We hold it at both ends and break it in the middle. When the twig breaks it makes a “snap” sound. We also encourage the children to find two sticks and bang them together to hear the sound that they make.
It is a joy to see the smiles on the children’s faces when they hear a new sound. As teachers, we  expand the children’s vocabulary to go along with these new exciting experiences. The Wild Things can't wait to see and hear what is to come.