In the Classroom: The Moonbeams

Moonbeams on the phone

Playing in modern times

Keys, phone, and a wallet full of cards…these are the ubiquitous tools of modern times. The Moonbeams are aware of their importance in the lives of adults, and that awareness has trickled into their play.
The teachers have amassed a collection of expired bus passes, zero-balance gift cards and discount store cards, along with simple wallets in which to store them. Together with obsolete cell phones, and keys from long-forgotten locks, the Moonbeams arm themselves daily with these implements of life.
After readying themselves for their errands, the Moonbeams announce that they are going to work, or to the store, or to catch a bus. At a young age, they realize that these events, which may seem mundane to us, are their springboards to adventure.
In the classroom, a line of chairs becomes a bus, ready to ferry the Moonbeams wherever their imagination takes them. Since they are constantly in the presence of adults who care for children, they often incorporate the nurturing of baby dolls or soft toys in their play. 
And when a teacher has real errands to run, whether it is taking dishes to the dishwasher, fetching art supplies, or turning in money on Pizza Day, a chorus of “Can I come?” erupts from all corners of the room.
To our toddlers, the world starts right outside our classroom door, and they are eager to claim their place in it.