In the Classroom: The Hawks

Walrus Tears Project
written by Assistant Teacher Mandi Bompensa

Uncovering Creative Interests

Last month was filled with holidays, trips, and goodies. Even after the end-of-the-year gala showcase, many of the Hawks and Eagles spent their time feverishly creating gifts for loved ones and friends.
As a new member of the After School teaching team, this was the perfect time for me to get better acquainted with students by sharing stories and ideas. While we chatted, the after schoolers crafted hand-cut pastel snowflakes (have you noticed these in the Stucco building's window?), gum frosted sculptures, and beaded dream-catchers, to name a few.
These art projects have also been a vehicle to understand the students' creative drives better through discussions about theater, music, and science. Through these cross-subject-connections, project ideas were proposed for upcoming clubs by students. It will be awesome to see their ideas come to life as winter clubs begin.  
Now that we all have returned from the sunny beaches of California, snowboarding in the mountains, finding comfort in the South, or hosting family here in West Philly, we are excited to turn the pages of this 2015 chapter. 
You can look forward to hearing and seeing what these talented groups are making, writing, and playing in the coming weeks. Hawks and Eagles Clubs which are filled to the brim include: LEGOS, Robotics, Sculpture, and Dodgeball. 
Consider the diversity of our clubs, which includes a mix of physical, mental, and creative activity. Additional choices, which are equally as awesome, include: ‘Zine [mini magazine making], Epals, Trash-to-Treasure, Music, DIY, Paper Mache, Printmaking, Cartooning, Chess, Gymnastics, and Teacher Assistants. Each day students will engage in any and all of these areas while also having time for homework and outdoor play.
At the After School Center, we are looking forward to our new year of clubs and wish you all a wonderful beginning to your New Year!