In the Classroom: The Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers studying seeds

Seeds are Super!

The Grasshoppers have been very interested in seeds. These days, we look forward to finding seeds in our foods during snack and lunch times. 
Part of our interest began as the Grasshoppers participated in preparing and making our community snacks in the classroom. Many children are excited to wash our fruits and vegetables, and help cut them up when possible with a teacher. 
Children naturally become more interested in food when they are a part of making it. We found many Grasshoppers trying new things and giving more than just a meager taste. We devoured bowls of apples, oranges, bell peppers, cantaloupe, cucumbers, kiwi and so much more at our snack times! 
We took polls on how we felt about the taste of these foods to share our preferences. Building positive attitudes and eating habits begin with being open to trying things more than once! 
As children help prepare food they notice the parts of foods we don’t usually eat, like a stem or seeds. It thrilling for us to cut open a pepper and find all the tiny seeds hidden inside and count them, collect them, and ponder our food’s origins. We began searching for seeds our lunches and homes; quickly we had jars full of various seeds but, what to do with them?
It was clear that we wanted these seeds to turn into more food to eat! This began another part of discovering seeds when we plant them. We are still waiting to see what happens to all of our seeds that are now in the playground garden.