In the Classroom: The Grasshoppers

PIC Grasshoppers study safety

Staying Safe

At PIC, we support learning by finding topics that are of great interest to the children and giving them opportunities to expand on the things they already know. Sometimes it is a short exploration, sometimes it blooms into a several months of deep investigation.
Recently the Grasshoppers have become interested in safety practices. We have been taking notice of crosswalks in our neighborhood and we practice street safety both outside and inside. 
The children have been using our pretend people to cross the street, and have even added cars to the street to make it even more realistic! Some Grasshoppers made traffic lights using various materials found in the room. 
On a recent walk to Clark Park we had the pleasure of being helped cross the street by a traffic guard! We discussed what a traffic guard does and hope to interview one soon.  
The kids have already expressed interest in investigating other aspects of safety at home and at school. They are very interested in promoting fire safety, bicycle safety, and safe play practices
As we integrate these topics into the classroom throughout the year, we look forward to fun investigations with growing, healthy, and safe kids!