In the Classroom: Getting Ready for Kindergarten

One of the biggest sources of anxiety in parents of young children is preparing for kindergarten. It’s a time when you say goodbye to the familiar and dive into the somewhat unknown. In the eyes of adults, there seem to be more questions than answers. Will they be able to sit still? Will they make friends? Will they be ready?

These are all valid and important questions. This time of year is ripe with opportunity for preschool classrooms to integrate elements that will familiarize them with kindergarten. In a few classrooms “alumni” return to talk about kindergarten with us to answer our questions. Having alumni share their experiences is extremely meaningful to those preparing for kindergarten. We read stories about kindergarten and talk about the ways people handle new situations.

We are very lucky to have the Penn Alexander School (PAS) right next door. PAS has partnered with our pre-K classrooms and schedules time for our classes to visit their kindergarten rooms each year. In early June we will go over to PAS for a story and brief activity in the classrooms with the kindergarteners and teachers. It is a great experience not only for those moving on to this school but for all children getting ready for kindergarten.

Rest assured that the work your child has been doing in preschool has prepared them for this momentous event. They have sat as part of circle time or meeting as a group. They have been negotiating and problem solving as they play with their peers. They have written their names countless times on their many masterpieces. They have practiced counting while washing their hands and putting out napkins for snack. Learn more about kindergarten readiness at the Office of Early Childhood Education.