In the Classroom: The Doodlebugs

Young toddlers learn about light

Let there be light

The Doodlebugs are exploring lights, shadows and reflections in our Reggio inspired learning environment. Our study of light has given the children the opportunity to discover beyond our typical play experiences. We used an overhead projector to focus our attention on the classroom wall, offering a new reason to explore this part of our surroundings.
The Doodlebugs quickly noticed the large light. One young Doodlebug crawled over and to look closely at the light on the wall and then to the projector. When Elliot tapped his hands on the projector, he noticed the light shining on his hands and smiled and babbled in excitement. The children’s enthusiasm grew, when they noticed the shadows of their friend's hands on the wall.  
The teachers added a clear plastic sheet of paper and markers to the projector, giving children the opportunity to grasp the marker and make marks. The teacher and children sitting near the light on the wall, watched as more markings were made, and the children touched the wall and followed the markings with their eyes and fingers.
Another Doodlebug followed the markings with his eyes and hands as he pushed a small car along the wall. Other children added the color viewers to the projector and discovered more shadows on the wall.  
We are discovering that light is something you can touch and yet, not really touch. We use the power of illumination to invite small hands, to encourage investigation, and encourage imagination.