In the Classroom: The Doodlebugs

Doodlebugs explore light

Bringing Good Things to Light

The Doodlebugs have been exploring many ways to discover light. We are learning that light is something you can touch and yet, not really touch. How do we help young minds understand that?
The teachers invite small hands to use a flashlight and practice holding and pushing the button on and off. The Doodlebugs delighted in this process, which helps to build their discovery skills. 
While using the flashlights, we played a game of follow the light. We dimmed our classroom lights to enhance the experience. The children used their bodies to reach high to shine the light on the celling or bend their knees to shine the light on the floor. 
The teachers talked with the children about the lights and their brightness, we also used the words up, down, over there, and wow! Fiona giggled when we used the flashlights to find our friends. We also added items and lights to small plastic boxes to encourage further exploration. The children looked inside to see the change in color and shook the boxes to watch the lights move back and forth. 
Through the process of illumination, we invited small hands and whole bodies to move, as we encouraged imaginations, observations, and serious (and playful!) exploration.