In the Classroom: The Doodlebugs

Doodlebugs Make Play Dough
Messy Play is Fun 
The Doodlebugs are enjoying engaging in messy play. Over the last few weeks we have finger painted with a mixture of paint and oatmeal, we painted with our feet, and we made play dough together. 
Our favorite was making edible play dough. The older children poured the flour and water into our large mixing bowl. With large wooden spoons they mixed the ingredients. The children stirred and stirred and asked for "more." Teachers helped the children add more flour but the mixture became too hard to stir, so we added more water. 
The activity of stirring and adding more water to loosen our play dough provided the children with a science experience to encourage their skills of observation. They noticed more water helped make stirring easier and more flour made it harder.
The younger Doodlebugs got in on the fun by touching, squeezing and at times tasting the gooey texture. Messy play stimulates young children’s senses and the smiles on the Doodlebugs’ faces let the teachers know that everyone was having fun, while experiencing something new. 
What might just look like a big mess on the surface is truly lots of learning, wrapped up in a whole lot of fun for the Doodlebugs.    

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