Black Lives Matter: The path ahead

Now or Never

First and foremost, PIC is an organization and a strong community of individuals who believe that Black. Lives. Matter.
This moment in time and the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement requires all of us to make a commitment; a commitment to revisit our values as an organization and how we are living them out today.
We must commit to action, and not just words. Here is our moment to make changes at all levels of PIC.
This work is by its nature uncomfortable, and it starts by reflecting inward. It will take new conversations with our board of directors, administrative team, teachers, alumni families, friends and supporters. We must look at PIC and ourselves honestly.
We are ready to find a path forward. Our conversations have begun and we need your participation. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, you will hear more about this work and actionable steps we can take together.