Tragic loss for PIC

Message from Deb Green

We recently learned of the tragic death of a former PIC enrolled child, Devon Joseph. We mourn with his family and the teachers that cared for him. We remember Devon as a sweet and kind little boy and his death is unfathomable.

PIC has always had the word "parent" in our name as it represents our strongly-held belief that children do not come to us alone, and that we need to hold up and support the family unit in our vision of care.

With the large focus on physical health, it is so important to remember the importance of mental health. We all know that mental illness issues have been plaguing our nation in ways that we have never seen before. So many people have suffered the loss of loved ones, or are dealing with issues of sadness, fear, loneliness, depression and anxiety. All of these issues have been greatly compounded by the ongoing social and racial justice atrocities.

What may have been manageable before the pandemic, for many is not right now. And mental health looks so different for everyone. 

I write this message to let you know that PIC is a place where you can reach out if you feel you or anyone in your family is in need of emotional support. PIC has access to resources where you may be able to get needed support. Please reach out to your child's teachers or any PIC administrator. All of us are here to help if and when help is needed. 

We need to take the stigma away from mental illness. We need to understand that everyone is dealing with their own set of issues during this very difficult time. We need to support one another and count on community more than ever before.

The resources below may be of help to you or anyone you know.

Please be well and stay well.

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Deb Green
Executive Director


  • Call 911: If there is an immediate risk of endangering oneself or others. Inform the operator that you are calling about a mental health crisis.
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255
    If you or someone you care about is experiencing thoughts of suicide
  • Philadelphia Suicide Prevention Hotline:  215-686-4420
  • Child Abuse: 215-683-6100
    You can report suspected abuse or neglect of children. You may choose whether or not to give your name when reporting. Regardless, your name will never be revealed to anyone else. This practice is strictly enforced.
  • Domestic Violence Hotline: 866-723-3014
    If you, a friend, a family member or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, sexual violence, or physical or emotional abuse, resources are available.
    • Contact the police at 911 if you believe you or your loved one is in immediate danger
  • To help connect with the right professional, peer, social, community-based and self-help care, here is a link to resources.
  • Virtual support for mental wellness:

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