Reality of Retirement

Deb with kids A-Z Room

monthly message from Executive Director Deb Green

I have learned quite a bit since announcing my retirement from PIC, a program that I have loved being a part of for so many years. The foremost thing that I have learned over the last month or so is that when a successor is officially named, it is a smack-in-the face moment that this is really going to happen.

I am so happy to welcome Jamila Carter as the next Executive Director of PIC. I had the pleasure of meeting with Jamila again after the announcement was made. I heard her enthusiasm for coming to PIC and her commitment to our mission and values. This brought on a feeling of great solace for me.

In her words, “I am a longtime admirer of the work of the PIC community, and PIC’s mission and values are completely aligned with my own. I’m interested in being in spaces that center children and families and focus on access and equity. I appreciate the way that PIC values parents and caregivers as partners. I admire PIC teachers’ passion, dedication, and commitment to ongoing learning and growth.”

By definition, transitions bring change, and by human nature, change brings uncertainty. To smooth the transition, Jamila and I will have a 4-week crossover period in June.

Fresh perspectives also come with change. I already know that Jamila brings energy and new ideas that will propel PIC to new heights. And, I know how deeply she is committed to providing a safe, supportive and enriching environment for every child in our care.

As I continue to let the reality of my retirement hit me, I will make the very most of my remaining months at PIC.