Prepare for the Next Snow

Snow play at PIC
One of the advantages of being open after the first big snow of this winter season was seeing the children outside making snow angels, building snow people, igloos, and animal creatures, climbing mountains of snow, and of course sledding!  We are so lucky to have large spaces for children to play all throughout the year.
While it takes just about forever to get a classroom of children ready to go outside, the effort is well worth it.
However, we can only take children outside in the winter (especially in the snow) when children are fully prepared. In the winter, please send children to with snow pants, boots, hats, scarves, and mittens or gloves so we can get them outside.
If you have gently-used items lying at home, please share them with your classroom. We keep a collection of extra items on hand for those children who don't come to school with the proper gear.

So may reasons to take them outside!

Children Breathe Fresh Air
It’s no secret that most parents blame winter air as the cause for colds and the flu. Although the viruses that cause flu and colds are more common in the winter months, the circulated air in closed environments are the main cause of children getting sick. All of the bacteria, dirt, dander, and other germs simply get recycled through the air vents over and over. Nothing is more refreshing than that first deep breath of cold, winter air before starting fun outdoor play.
Strengthen Immune System
Being outside more often also allows your child to develop a stronger autoimmune system and a resistance to allergies. Studies have shown that children who are active outside have the best overall health. Just make sure children are properly bundled up and moving around to capture and generate warmth. 
Engage in Physical Exercise
Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your children have lost their energy or desire to play. In fact, outdoor winter play gives children an opportunity for a change of environment, a balance in play and routine, and large muscle activities (gross-motor development).
Stimulate the Imagination
The winter also offers a variety of ways to stimulate children’s imagination through play. Something as simple as building a silly snowperson or snow creature utilizes problem solving and imaginative skills they would not be using while sitting on the couch.
Have Fun!
The list of fun things for everyone to do in the winter goes on and on. “Everyone” means you, too! Nothing makes children more comfortable and motivated for outdoor winter play than when a grown up is playing along.