Mlanjeni Magical Theater

Sig image: Mlanjeni with puppet

Last month, PIC pre-K classrooms enjoyed the wonderful storytelling talents of Mlanjeni Magical Theater.
Mlanjeni’s show was based on the short story A Long Walk to Water about a young boy in South Sudan.
Through engaging storytelling, children learned that not everyone can get a drink of water by turning on the faucet. 
In fact, Mlanjeni asked the children “what is a faucet?” and they did a wonderful job describing how water travels through the pipes to their houses.
With his puppets of a turtle, a zebra, and the Amazing Doggini, Mlanjeni had the children perform magic as they told stories about walking to find water, learning how to fish, and tricking ogres disguised as birds.
We are grateful to the Terri Lynne Lokoff Foundation for providing a grant giving us the opportunity to bring this educational and eye-opening performance to children at PIC.