Message from Summer Camp: Tim Wragg

Campers and outdoor art

Summer is upon us!

This summer, I am thrilled to be back at the Parent-Infant Center PIC for my second year as the Summer Camp Leader. we are already in the third week of camp having survived our first heat wave; it’s official: summer is upon us!
And what a summer it’s shaping up to be! Last week we took our first all-camp trip to “The Big Event” bowling alley in Cherry Hill where we bowled, lunched together as the whole camp (a rare treat), ate ice cream, and generally enjoyed escaping the heat wave in the blissfully cool AC. 
The week before that, I accompanied the Hawks and Eagles summer camp groups to the Franklin Institute where we learned about the “Science behind Pixar” and watched an awe-inspiring IMAX film about the National Park system. 
This week, we’re enjoying the reprieve from the heat by spending more time outside. As I write this, the Starlights, Hawks, and Eagles are exploring Wissahickon Valley Park and learning about the Wissahickon Creek’s unique geology at the Wissahickon Environmental Center. 
Meanwhile, back at camp, the smell of sunscreen wafting down the hallway tells me that the Dragontails finished their watercolor painting activity and are about to head out to play with our new sprinkler!
At the end of this week we’ll be bringing our “Sports for all Sorts” session to a close by holding the annual Parent-Infant Center Summer Camp Olympics. Each group is busily planning a range of activities for Thursday and Friday afternoons. From egg and spoon races to 3-on-3 soccer, it’s sure to be a good time. Chat with the Summer Camp counselors to see when their group’s festivities will commence and join us!
Next week (and not a moment too soon!), we’ll start our “Splish Splash” theme. We’ll be swimming at both the Lee Park and West Philadelphia Community Center pools, visiting the Spruce Street Harbor Park, and most excitingly, taking our annual trip to Marsh Creek State Park to grill and enjoy their spray park and palatial pool! 
On all fronts it’s shaping up to be another amazing summer here at PIC Summer Camp and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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