Message from Kharma: Child Development and Assessments at PIC

Child assessments are an integral part of your child’s education here at the PIC. And they are a helpful tool in showing social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth.

In the early learning program, staff complete three assessments per year using Teaching Strategies Gold, the assessment tool which aligns with the Creative Curriculum.  TSG blends ongoing, authentic, observational assessment of development and learning with intentional and focused tasks for selected literacy and numerical objectives.  The teachers collect evidence of knowledge, skills and behaviors during meaningful everyday experiences.   Examples of this tool can be seen throughout the classrooms through documentation and classroom displays.

Here at PIC we have a team approach to child assessment in which all members of the classroom teaching team participate. This approach allows us to have a more comprehensive assessment of your child and allows staff to spend more time on each child.

After assessments are completed (October, February and May) the classroom team schedules a family conference — usually two to four weeks after completion of the assessment. Conferences can be held with one or more members of the teaching team, but usually are conducted by the teacher who completed the assessment. Parent-teacher conferences provide both teachers and families with time in which they can work together to discuss a child’s overall development, goals for the child, and any concerns.

Conferences are the best way for teachers and families to have an in-depth conversation about a child’s development. Many of us grew up with the idea that the “parent-teacher conference” is a sign of trouble. Not true!

Please take this opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and learn more about the wonderful ways your child is learning every day. Conferences can be done in person or by phone. At the conclusion of the conference families receive a copy of the summary report; the complete assessment is available on request.

- Kharma Hicks, Infant/Toddler Program Coordinator