Message from Anjali: September Cruisin'

PIC After School is on!
As usual, the school year hurtled out of August like an overloaded jalopy without any brakes, careening from the end of summer camp through clean up, skidding around the corner to shudder into the first day of school. Our summer teachers jumped off the running board to join up with their other lives, while our school-year teachers jumped on. 
The staff roster is shaken up a little: Paul departs for an adventure in China (Friday, Sept 22 is his last day at PIC), and Rosa Friedman will take on the Lead teacher duties for the Dragontail Group. Courtney will continue with the group as we welcome Rebecca as a “new” Dragontail teacher, back at PIC from a summer study course in Chinese language and culture. The Starlight Lead teacher Linda Delenick welcomes back Andi Jones and Catia Rembert who were both away for part of the summer. Amanda East, Claire Engelhardt and Geremy Webne-Behrman are the Hawk handlers, and Robyn Bonacci and John Schaaf have charge of the Eagles. We will welcome a new teacher in the Aviary within a couple of weeks.
Amidst all the comings and goings we welcome an ASC roster of wonderful kids who are eager to engage in their favorite clubs and afterschool activities. With a shimmy and giggle, the ASC jalopy revs up for another wild ride through the autumn afternoons.