Lunch & Learn is back!

PIC's virtual Lunch & Learn series starts back up in September with a New Family Orientation. 

Join us for these monthly conversations held at noon on Zoom.

September 15 ... New Family Orientation
PIC is a big place with a long history. There is lots to learn about us. Come hear about our mission and values and what our hopes are for every child during their time at PIC.  Learn our PIC “language.” Come with your questions. 

September 29 ... Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work at PIC
Join Executive Director Deb Green and members of the admin team to discuss our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion at PIC.  What have we accomplished and what do we need to continue to focus on? 

October 13 ... Thinking Ahead to Kindergarten (Formerly Big Body Play)
If your child will turn 5 by September 1 (or you are just thinking ahead) now is the time to prepare to enroll your child for kindergarten. In fact, the process has already begun! Join us to discuss the kindergarten enrollment process for Philadelphia public, charter, and area independent schools.

November 17 ... Playing to Learn
With such a focus on school readiness, why is play so important in the lives of young children?  Let’s talk about the value of play and how we play to learn at PIC each day.

January 19 ... Kindergarten Readiness
Time flies quickly when raising young children and you may be among our families thinking about your children going off to Kindergarten. Join a discussion of what it means to be “ready” for Kindergarten and what you can do to help your child in readiness skills. 

February 16 ... Raising Anti-Racist Children
How you engage your children in talks around race can make all the difference in their inclusiveness of others. Join a discussion of ways white parents can start early on to lead impactful and meaningful conversations with their kids to dismantle racism.

March 16 ... Talking to Kids: Bodies, Consent, and Sexuality
Children need to learn about healthy consent and boundaries. They need open and honest conversations about their bodies. Join a conversation about how to begin and sustain  these important conversations.

April 20 ... Supporting Multi-lingual Children
Research indicates that supporting bilingualism from an early age can have wide-ranging benefits. Let’s discuss how families and teachers can work together to support children's dual (or multi) language development. 

May 25 ... Raising a Reader
Hear about the strategies we use at PIC to incorporate literacy skills throughout the day, and ways to engage children at home to encourage a lifelong love of reading.